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Data Migration

Data Migration

We've done hundreds of billing migrations and understand that your migration is unique. That's okay with us. It's why we simply charge a flat hourly rate. We can start and finish fast, doing everything within a single monthly billing cycle if you need. We are used to working odd hours, after all a migration usually needs to be done when everyone else is sleeping.

If you are migrating to Sonar Software, that's great, because we work closely with them, having custom software that gets your data into their format. Prior to the real cut over, your data is staged in a sandbox. We we go back and forth with changes, until everything is right, redoing the sandbox as many times as required.

Sometimes your data is in more than one system, we get that. I'm sure however ugly your data is, we've seen worse. We are confident that we can make sense of it, linking it together, getting your data cleaner after the migration than it was prior.